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Cosmetic Dentures Baltimore

Affordable Smile Reconstruction Choices

Advancements in the fabrication of denture products and specialized anchoring or denture implants enable patients to have more choices than ever for replacing teeth with prosthetics that can look and function as good as natural teeth.

The patient pictured here had a long history of gum disease, bone loss and gum tissue loss. Because of his occupation, he wanted treatment that would quickly resolve the disease issues and provide him with teeth replacements that would look natural and function without discomfort.

Comparing fixed bridge products to premium denture products, the patient opted for a combination of cosmetic denture teeth that would be implant supported, providing the comfort and confidence that is commonly associated with fixed bridgework with porcelain crowns.

Cosmetic Denture Design

IPN and Blue Line denture teeth can be selected to create nearly any smile line imagineable, something that was, at one time, only available with crowns and veneers. Sizing, contour, shape and even color shading of individual teeth is now possible with denture products.

Patients no longer have to settle for dentures that look like dentures.

Hard and Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

The patient underwent full edentulation (removal of teeth) of the upper and lower jaws, coupled with socket grafting and tissue therapy to address any residuals of periodontitis. Immediate dentures were provided so the patient was not toothless while the tissues healed.

The lower jaw was leveled as needed, to assure an even level of bone throughout the arch. Dental implants with specialized locator devices were developed to accommodate a palateless upper denture that would provide a rock solid bite and level of comfort that is similar to a fixed bridge.

The adjacent mid-treatment photo shows how the locator device is firmly attached to several implants that are placed strategically through the arch. Implants are positioned deep into the posterior area, critical for optimizing a strong bite while simultaneously providing bone stimulation that will assure long term bone health.

These posterior placements eliminate the problem of having dentures that rock or slip when biting and chewing with molar teeth.

Snap In Denture Features That Lock

The underside of the palateless upper denture has special fittings that create a perfect fit to the titanium bar that is secured to the dental implants.

Notice that there are two locking pins on each side of the denture that allows the patient to snap in the denture and then lock it into place.

This feature eliminates a common problem of other types of snap on dentures that mount onto a ball abutment and is held in place with rubber o-rings. These ball - socket devices eventually become loose fitting, causing the denture to pop out.

Easy Oral Health Maintenance

Our patient now has the cosmetic results he wanted with the stable function that wasn't possible with dentures just a few years ago.

Taking care of the soft tissues and performing routine oral hygiene is simplified, compared to a fixed bridge.

The denture is easily removed allowing the patient to flush and floss as needed. Water irrigation appliance such as the WaterPik are ideal for maintaining long term tissue health.


Patients seeking affordable alternatives for fixed bridgework have prosthetic options that can help create nearly any type of smile imagineable. The famous LVI Rules of Golden Proportion can now be used for a variety of denture products that enable patients to design a denture that doesn't look like a denture.

Certain oral hygiene advantages are available with implant supported denture products that don't exist for fixed bridgework.... a great feature for patients who desire easy maintnenance.

For specific treatment information that is not discussed in detail on this site, a Consultation appointment can be arranged by calling us at (410) 256-7300 or by using our on-line Consultation Request form.

Specific or more technical questions can be sent directly to Dr. Leventhal via our Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Leventhal will reply to you directly with the information you are seeking.

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